Selling real estate is a very important, and often stressful experience, for many it may be the largest financial transaction they will ever make.

Whether you are selling for the first or tenth time, I’m here to help you through the entire process so it can be as simple and stress-free as possible and help you achieve your goals.

How I sell your home

There are lots of realtors to choose from when deciding who should sell your next home, and it’s hard to know what to look for in a realtor. So why me? Because I have the right blend of skills, caring, and experience to take the stress out of the process while getting you the results you’re looking for.

Just putting your house on the market won’t sell it. You need a comprehensive plan to market your home and get it in front of the right buyer. I do that by leveraging print and digital advertising, quality photos, and the power of the ReMax brokerage.

Beyond marketing, sometimes there is the unexpected. With over 16 years of experience, I’m ready for whatever surprises may come along. You’ll never have to sweat the big or small stuff because I’m there to ensure your house sells. It’s just that simple.

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, but with real estate, you could say that pictures are worth thousands of dollars. When someone buys a home they aren’t just purchasing a building, they are buying a lifestyle. Great pictures help them imagine that place as more than a house, rather as their home.

That’s why I take photography so seriously. You’ll never see a poorly lit cell phone photo on one of my listings. Every home I list is shot with a professional camera and individually edited to ensure that your home’s best beauty shines through.

Great photos can sell people on your house before they even step foot through the door.

Do you like to sit back with a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper? Lots of home buyers do, and that’s why ReMax runs a half page ad in the Sunday edition of Mansfield News Journal each week.

It’s no secret that buyers shop for houses online, which is why I make sure your listing is found on whatever site a potential buyer might be using. When you list your home it is distributed to 86 websites where buyers can find it.

I don’t stop there though. Social media is an ever-increasing way that people choose to get their information, and so I make sure that your listing is shared with my local network to get people talking about buying your home.

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